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My Top 5 eco friendly products for 2012!

By Lela Rabie

As co-owner of I am blessed to experience a wide range of products and every now and then a specific product makes a lasting impression on me. Below follows a list of my top 5 products for this year, believe me, it wasn’t easy to choose!

Top Product #1:

Africology Vitamin Skin Booster Serum


Africology products are specially formulated to revitalise and rejuvenate tired skin. The high quality, natural products help to prevent damage done by the climate and other environmental stressors, making these the perfect option for those of us which love the South African outdoors!

The Vitamin Skin Booster Serum claimed its place in my beauty routine as I noticed a distinct change in the feeling and appearance of my skin after only a few days of use, after 14 days, I was hooked. The  serum is light, applies easily under my regular moisturiser and leaves my skin feeling and looking brightened and fresh.

Top of my beauty list for 2012 for sure!

Visit for more information.

Top product #2:

Mioja Wild Ginger Stimulating Mask


Mioja gets my vote for the best packaging ever! I love their colour coded ranges and their holistic approach really resonates with my beliefs. Each range is designed to work on many levels, using colour, crystal essences and even affirmations to achieve optimum efficacy. Mioja products are natural, use organic ingredients and are a great example that beauty need not be complicated, our bodies know best and with the right support, they will always opt for magnificence!

The Mioja Wild Ginger Stimulating Mask changed the way I feel about face masks for ever and as such definitely deserves its spot on this list! Here is the review I gave it on earlier this year and I’m still just as enthusiastic about this now as I was then!

‘For me, this is a winning product! I find it quite hard to find face masks I actually want to apply. Inevitably I buy a mask product and it gathers dust on my shelf as I find it such a tedious process to cake my face with stickiness! Not so with this mask, once applied, it sits very lightly on the skin, in fact I once forgot I had it on and gave my unexpected visitors a good giggle! There is a slight tingling of the skin after a few minutes, however, I found this very pleasant and warming. The mask washes off easily and best of all: no dryness after rinsing! Because of this Wild Ginger Stimulating Mask from the Mioja Orange Range, I have actually applied a mask more times in the last month than in the 6 months before that, combined! If you aren’t big on face masks, give this one a try, your skin will thank you!’

Find out more about Mioja on .

Top Product #3:

Crede Organic Virgin Coconut Oil


Established in 1989, Credé Natural Oils has become South Africa’s most trusted manufacturer of organic, natural and cold-pressed oils. Credé Natural Oils are used for cosmetic, nutrition and food purposes and are of consistently high quality.

Coconut oil is a super healthy fat, with a high ‘smoking’ point, it is ideal for frying and I’ve even used it as a salad dressing once or twice (simply warm it until melted and mix with the rest of your dressing ingredients).

I’ve used this coconut oil as a body butter, a hair conditioner and a lip balm and am sure that with time I will find even more uses!

This oil is fantastic to cook with, food doesn’t have that ‘fried and greasy’ taste when using coconut oil and with the Credé name, I’m assured of always getting the same quality in every batch I buy.

Find out more at:

Top Product #4:

Mai Co. Air and Linen Sprays


Mai Co. is a true family business and was started in 2009 by Andrea, who after qualifying as a Radionic Practitioner discovered the need for safe, natural and eco-friendly products for both pets and people.

The range of air and linen sprays comes in various scents, I was hard pressed to decide between Geranium, Rose, Lavender and Mint. The sprays come in handy as air fresheners and I’ve even taken to using mine in the car, or to just spritz my space as I come in from a hot day outside. The scents are clean, natural and subtle and I would put this as a must-have for stocking fillers this festive season.

Meet Andrea on the Hermanus Country Market at the Cricket grounds each Saturday or find out more at .

Top Product #5:

Just Pure Starter/Travel kits


All Just Pure body and skin care products contain no harsh synthetic fragrances or colours, detergents or chemicals. The products are free from Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Parabens, Ethyl Alcohol, Petroleum, Lanolin and Propylene Glycol.

The Travel/Starter kits are made up specifically for your skin type and come packaged in a beautiful box and for travelling, I find these the perfect size to pack. I’ve used the Essential Face Wash and Essential Face Polisher and both have left me with a smile! The formulations are so gentle that one cannot imagine how they can be working but the results definitely speak for themselves. There is no dryness after rinsing and skin feels super clean without any tightness.

If you plan on a few weekends away this festive season, definitely pop into a Just Pure outlet to get your travel kit, or better still, visit the friendly team at the flagship branch in Hermanus and indulge in something yummy from their amazing Bistro!

Find out more at .

So there you have it, my Top 5 for 2012! I love that organic and natural is now also becoming synonymous with glamorous  and I thank all the amazing people in the Organic, Natural and Eco-Friendly industry in South Africa for their continued efforts and belief in a greener consumer landscape!