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Down to Earth African Potato Cream - Product Review

Down To Earth African Potato Cream

I've heard good things about the African potato but I have to admit, I've always taken these accounts with a pinch of salt. That is, until I experienced it myself. I don't know whether it is the African potato extract only or the combination of lovely goodies in the Down to Earth African Potato cream.

When I hurt my shoulder recently, this cream helped overnight! I simply massaged it into the affected area before going to bed and voila, the next morning all pain was gone, there was no swelling and I had full movement in a shoulder that was extremely painful to move in any way the night before!
I have also used the cream successfully as a light sunblock when doing some early morning gardening and it did wonders for the dry areas on my heels after these hot summer barefoot days! I'm definitely a convert! Find out more about Down to Earth and their wonderful products here: