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Better Earth Dishwashing liquid – Review!


Years ago, I started realising that there was more to living than just what was in front of my nose so to speak. I started thinking about how each time I wash dishes or shower, residues of whatever product I used were making their way into the ground water, the rivers and streams, the sea..

I looked at the frogs by our pond and wondered if they would die if any of my products landed in the water. So, I started looking for natural products, brands which thought further, and were conscientious about using pure, natural and harmless ingredients.

I found plenty of overseas brands and as often as I could I purchased these products, so I was delighted to come across a South African brand this year, with a very clear No-Harm philosophy and message and with absolutely affordable prices!

Better Earth Dishwashing liquid is everything I look for in this kind of product, it has a lovely scent, is truly effective (even in cold water) and most importantly, does absolutely no harm, to my hands, to my body or to the environment (including the frogs!).