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Well Being Articles: Nutrition


What is Biohacking and how does one get started?

Ever wondered what it means to Biohack? Our friends at Prime Self share some knowledge and tips to get you started, dive in below:

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While biohacking may seem like a technical concept, it’s actually an easy topic to understand. Biohacking simply means to make lifestyle changes to ensure you feel better. The majority of people biohack to have an improved sense of health and wellness, transform their body, or to feel more energized. Here, we discuss biohacking in further depth and consider how to get started with varying biohacks.

Tajine Recipes for Autumn for the Risoli DrGreen range

With Autumn in the air, it is time to start enjoying more slow cooked and warming meals and there are probably few healthier meals (or more satisfying) than a great tajine dish! Shoporganic profilers Risoli, share some of their favourite Italian tajines here below:


Tajine cousous meal


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10 Health Benefits of Oats (according to Science) plus 10 Delicious Oat recipes - by JenReviews

In the modern health and food climate of “clean eating” and “whole foods,” it is becoming increasingly difficult to find foods that are tasty, convenient, and versatile. For adherents to clean eating diets or the popular Whole30 diet, what you eat and - more importantly - how it has been prepared is of paramount importance (1, 2).

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Fortunately, there is a sneaky superfood waiting to be discovered and enjoyed that is Whole 30-compliant, clean, and delicious: oats! Read on for some of the amazing (and surprising!) health benefits of oats, and some tasty oat recipes that are sure to leave you wanting more. Click HERE for full article.

Health and Healing with Hemp | Seed Oil and Seed Protein Powder

From our friends at Hemporium:

"Let food be thy medicine & let thy medicine be food."
Hippocrates, considered the father of modern medicine.


By now you probably know how versatile industrial hemp is, and how many thousands of applications it has, from tree-free paper to renewable fuel to durable and long-lasting clothing.