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Eco-friendly Spring Cleaning - Green Cleaning products


We all know about checking for the ingredients in our food or bodycare lotions and potions but how many of us think about looking at what is used to make common household cleaning products? What you use to clean your living environment can have as large an affect on your health as what you eat or put on your body.

Conscious Kitchen | Energy efficient appliances

Conscious Kitchen by Lela Rabie

It probably won’t surprise you to know that your kitchen is one of the rooms in the home with the potential for the most energy wastage, then again it is also one of the rooms with the potential for the most energy savings! Lately those on the forefront of technology are realising the importance of going green and a whole host of energy saving appliances are becoming more readily available to the everyday consumer. However, it is not just with your appliances that you can save energy and money but also by making a few small changes to your daily habits in the kitchen.