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The Marvels of Matcha Great Tea

Just Matcha green tea powderJust Matcha green tea powder


Matcha Green Tea can be safely pronounced one of the most potent superfoods on the market today. Green tea is not new, nor is Matcha – the specially grown, slow ground, whole leaf tea power variety. In the East it has been valued for its potent properties for over a thousand years. Those properties are now proving to be invaluable in combatting the ills plaguing the West – blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, ageing rates, cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, to name some key health issues.

The plant, Camellia sinesis supplies us with both black and green tea. But for Just Matcha‘s Matcha Green Tea in particular, only the fresh leaf bud and the two adjacent leaves are plucked by hand, lightly steam dried and then ground slowly between granite mills to yield the characteristic, bright green tea powder that is used to make Matcha Green Tea. The same plant yields black tea, which is oxidized, converting key properties into different compounds. The best matcha tea comes from Japan, with its renowned cleaner air, rather than China, where the air and vegetation still exhibit radioactivity, and the best matcha in Japan comes from the Uji region in Kyoto. The reason why matcha is better for you than any other green tea is that when you drink a cup of matcha, the entire leaf is consumed, so there is no wasting all of those excellent antioxidants. during the growing process, the leaf is also shaded for a period before being harvested as this increases the chlorophyll content, which also provides additional benefits.

While latte’s and a myriad great recipes abound and are healthier by the addition of Matcha, it is in drinking the pure brew that produces measurable health benefits. And in case you are tempted to look for the tea in a pill or capsule form, remember that capsules bypass oral absorption, only releasing their power via stomach and intestinal digestion. Drinking Just Matcha‘s Matcha Green Tea makes its myriad of potent attributes immediately accessible to body and mind.

One area of health which concerns many and which matcha has been shown to assist is cholesterol and blood pressure. Regular use of Matcha Green Tea – up to three cups a day, has been proven to have significant cholesterol and triglyceride reducing effects, relaxing blood vessels and preventing clots. This means it is more than just generally supportive of healthy cholesterol levels, it actively combats damaging cholesterol in the body. So ‘have a heart’ and incorporate Matcha Green Tea as part of a daily health regime to decrease risk of stokes and to keep that blood pressure down to manageable levels.

Scientifically speaking, Polyphenols in Matcha are chief among its properties of interest in the cholesterol and blood pressure arenas. Polyphenols refer to multiple phenolic rings (a phenolic ring is a 6-carbon benzene ring with an attached hydroxyl (OH) group, sometimes also called the hydroxyl functional group). The most potent polyphenol (which exists in the tea leaves a flavonoid) is the much acclaimed EGCg (epigallocatechin gallate). EGCg is unquestioned in its effectiveness against atherosclerosis and its potency in Matcha is unequalled. EGCg works to prevent ‘sticky’ blood, which is what clogs arteries. Detoxifying enzymes and antioxidant activity were demonstrated to be significantly increased in a study where mice were fed polyphenols from green tea in their drinking water just for a month. Saponins, also strongly present in Matcha tea, successfully block cholesterol accumulation in the intestinal tract. Whether this factor alone, or other yet-to-be-discovered reactions, the fact remains that regular consumption of Matcha tea lowers the undesirable LDL cholesterol and increases the healthy, desired HDL cholesterol simply by lowering the creatinine concentrations in the blood. Those who drink Matcha tea are less likely to develop heart disease per se, than those who don’t.

Research is growing more and more all the time as to the many benefits that this ancient green tea can provide, giving more and more reasons to make sure that drinking matcha is part of your daily health regime.