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Alternative Energy

How can sunshine become electricity?

Photovoltaic (PV) technology converts sunlight into electricity however it doesn’t use the sun heat to do so.

PV produces electricity directly from the electrons freed by the interaction of the sunlight and the semiconductor material in the PV cells.

The basic building block of a PV technology is the solar cell solar.

Solar or PV cells are wired together to produce a PV modules.

PV modules range in power from about 10 watts to 300 watts

PV modules produce direct current or DC. You can either use DC loads or you can convert it.

Ways we can use the sun’s energy in our homes

  • Light rooms with sunlight
  • Preheat water for showers
  • Preheat air to maintain comfortable room temperatures
  • Provide electricity to power appliances and tools

Why should we consider renewable energy sources such as the sun?

  • Fossils fuels are finite; the sun’s energy is infinite
  • The sun offers more energy than we can ever used
  • Cost of renewable energy will go down as more people use it
  • Solar energy doesn’t pollute our environment (although the manufacturing of solar power equipment does slightly
  • Solar thermal energy can take care of our water heating needs
  • Using solar energy will eliminate fuels import and the associated economic and political problems

Non renewable energy

Other Energy sources

-Nuclear power

-Petroleum and natural gas


In the process, fossil fuelled electric power plants release billions of carbon dioxide, millions tons of sulfur dioxide , nitrous oxides and a bunch of other stuff that is not good for us

In fact, we use about twice as much fossil fuels to run our cars than we do to power our homes