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Top 4 foods for healthy hair this winter!

Compiled by Lela

Here at we are all about natural products and lifestyle and that includes what we put into our bodies, not just what we put ON them! For hair which has a natural shine, does not develop split ends and is soft and hydrated without being limp, we can certainly find wonderful products to use but we also need to pay attention to what we put on our plate.

Here, in no particular order, are our Top 4 foods to eat this winter to keep your hair lustrous and healthy from the inside out:

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Number One: Eggs
One of the easiest meals to prepare when one is short on time or ideas, eggs contain a whole array of nutrients among which are the amino acid  tryptophan, the trace minerals selenium and iodine, the minerals molybdenum, phosphorus, iron and zinc,  the vitamins B2(riboflavin), B5(pantothenic acid), B7(biotin), B12, choline and Vitamin D, as well as the carotenoids luitein and zeaxanthin.

GM content in our food, consumer wins and losses, a call to action


A letter from our friends at the ACB. For their direct contact details please see the end of the letter. Let us support them in their efforts to make and keep our food safe and GM free!

Dear Consumer,

For the past four years, the ACB has been submitting a number of products for testing to ascertain their GM content as well as to gauge the extent to which food producers are responding to all your wonderful consumer activism and pressure. This year the ACB re-tested 4 popular maize milled products as well as 16 baby and breakfast cereals.

Catnip for Cats...and Dogs??

mai co Catnip for Cats Dogs

Many of us that are cat lovers have interesting stories to tell of our cats behaviour in the 'presence' of catnip. And many of us think that that is where the story of catnip and its uses begins and ends. However, if we take a closer look at this member of the mint family, we will discover that like most herbs, it can benefit all members of the family...including the dogs!