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What is Biohacking and how does one get started?

Ever wondered what it means to Biohack? Our friends at Prime Self share some knowledge and tips to get you started, dive in below:

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While biohacking may seem like a technical concept, it’s actually an easy topic to understand. Biohacking simply means to make lifestyle changes to ensure you feel better. The majority of people biohack to have an improved sense of health and wellness, transform their body, or to feel more energized. Here, we discuss biohacking in further depth and consider how to get started with varying biohacks.

Prime Mind from Prime Self unpacked

Ever wondered about Nootropics? The folks at Prime Self unpack their Prime Mind supplement and tell us more below:

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Nootropics are an effective way to boost your cognitive functioning. Whether you wish to increase your cognitive performance for work or study, nootropics are a convenient supplement to enhance your memory, learning, alertness, and recall. Prime Mind is a safe and universal nootropic supplement, specially formulated to provide optimal cognitive functioning. In this review, we discuss what makes Prime Mind highly effective, as well as the dosage required for beneficial results.

We interview Kerry van Graan, Director at Better Earth

Starting ones own business is challenging, starting it in a niche sector can be daunting. We love how the Green, Natural and Organic sector has grown in South Africa over the past years and thought we would check in with some of the industry pioneers to find out a bit more about how they did it! For our first interview in this series, we speak with the lovely Kerry van Graan, founder of the phenomenal Better Earth company.

 better earth organic products

Shoporganic: Where did the idea to start Better Earth come from?

Kerry:There are a few reasons. I studied environmental management for a while and realised that what goes down our drains has a huge knock-on effect down the line. We live on a water scarce continent so the need to be able to use grey water is huge and I want to provide products that make this easy and safe to do. Then when I had my own children I realised how harsh conventional products can on sensitive skin, so this drove me as well.

Shoporganic: What do you feel have been the main challenges in bringing Better Earth to where it is today?